Your Big Day

How will your Wedding Day……


  • a full, traditional wedding with all the trimmings?
  • a declaration of your love and commitment to each other?
  • a reaffirmation of the vows you shared at another time and place?
  • in a beautiful, unique reception centre?
  • in the bush under a magnificent gum with eagles soaring overhead as you exchange your vows?
  • on a golden beach at sunrise or sunset?



  • an intimate gathering of just your closest friends?
  • a larger affair surrounded by a bigger circle of loved ones?
  • the whole shebang with everyone you’ve ever known to share your love and joy?



  • in a quiet garden?
  • the gentle lapping of the ocean at the shore?
  • a chorus of bird song?
  • joyous music?

 Let your imagination run free – This is your day.

Whatever it looks like for you, we can work together to make it happen.