Hi. My name is Lyn Jordan.

I’ve been lots of things in my life – daughter, student, wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, scientist, healer, yogini… the list goes on. The thing I found… the thing I finally realised… is that I LOVE people. I love being with them. I love helping them. I love celebrating their joy and nurturing them in their sadness. I love working with them to achieve their goals.

This is what I really love to do. Helping people achieve their goals is my absolute passion. That realisation lead me to become a Kinesiologist and Reiki practitioner.

It wasn’t enough, there was still something missing.

Attending the funeral of a dear uncle awoke the passion that had lain dormant for so long and I realised that I really wanted to be there to assist people as they passed through the major transitions of their lives – marriage, birth of a child, the passing of loved ones and any other transitions that they felt needed recognition and celebration.

I love being a Celebrant. I have the great privilege of being able to make a difference at crucial times in peoples’ lives. My passion and delight is to make your ceremony and celebration exactly what you want. I look forward to sharing your special time with you.